Knitwear projects based in technique

Bone structures

I did this knit project several years back. The design challenge for me was to incorporate the inspiration from the human skeletton and techniques of knitting, draping and knots.

I created my own media by knitting strings and draping them onto a sheer dress. 


Was the main inspiration for this project.
It was in the beginning of getting to know the techniques, and  so the blouse grew out of curiosity, and letting myself get inspired by what new I learned, by doing. 


200 needles were in use.

For the final blouse it took me two full days of knitting, the technique being rather complex with, only working on a few needles at a time. 


This is the first real garment that i've knitted. 
I used a technique where some needles are resting.
It weighed 1,5 kg when finished.